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We allow you to focus on profitability and operational demands while we work to reduce your risk, administrative burden and insurance costs.

Types of Restaurants We Insure

  • Casual Dining

  • Coffee Houses

  • Fast Casual

  • Fast Food

  • Fine Dining

  • Premium Casual

  • Pubs

Coverage Highlights

  • Guaranteed Replacement Cost

  • Blanket Business Personal Property

  • Contamination & Adulteration 

  • Market Valuation of Stock

  • Equipment Breakdown

  • Environmental Liability & Site Pollution

  • Off-Site Business Interruption 

  • Dependent Property Loss of Income

  • Spoilage

  • Loss of Business Income

  • Civil Authority

  • Liquor Liability

  • Product Withdrawal Expense

  • Cyber Liability

  • Employee Theft

  • Employment Practices Liability

  • Much more...

Risk Management Services

  • Contract Reviews

  • Strategic Marketing

  • Claims Advocacy

  • COI Processing & Management

  • Targeted Loss Control

  • Online Risk Management

  • Fleet Safety & Driving Programs

  • Employee Safety & Training

  • OSHA Compliance & Reporting

  • Incident Tracking & Reporting

  • HR Assistance & Hotline


Claims Scenario:

Several employees sued a restaurant after allegations that their miscalculated overtime pay lost them thousands of dollars over a 3-year period. Some employees also alleged that they were fired as a retaliatory action for their involvement in the lawsuit. The demand for restitution was well over $100,000. 

Highlighted Service:

A fast casual restaurant chain was growing quickly began to experience an uptick in work-related injuries. Their staff increased from 15 employees to 45 in less than 18 months. Over that time period, the company suffered (9) workers' compensation claims totaling $297,000. These claims caused their workers' compensation...

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