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What all Contractors Need to Know.

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

Great quick read for any contractors out there wondering if they have a professional liability exposure brought to you by our trusted partner Beacon Hill. Give us a call anytime to discuss your potential professional liability exposure in greater detials. Please remember, 99.9% of general liability policies include "professional liability" exclusions.

Job site modification of plans. Many contractors tweak plans during the actual work. While these may seem like benefits to the client, if any of these design changes lead to a claim, it can be construed as professional services.

Supervision of subcontractors. While most contractors select and supervise their subs, issues related to the adequacy of their performance of either role can come in as professional service claims.

Knowledge of local building ordinances and requirements. Many contractors are responsible for adequately securing and protecting the job site and its impact on neighboring properties. Silt ordinances have changed dramatically in recent years, and failure of a contractor to control run off from their site can be deemed a professional loss.

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