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Learn more about effective strategies our clients utilize to reduce their overall insurance costs.

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Benefits of Strategic Marketing

We employ strategic marketing efforts on behalf of our clients to achieve desired premium and coverage outcomes. As an independent broker, we have the ability to design and obtain multiple bids from the industry's leading insurance carriers. That said, what we don't want to do is burn out the carrier marketplace by shopping insurance every year which can produce adverse effects.

Developing a mutually acceptable marketing strategy to develop a strong narrative is paramount to achieve desired outcomes and significant premium reduction.

 IMPACT:  Up to 40% Premium Reduction

Maximize Policy Credits

We have the industry knowledge to identify and negotiate available carrier credits for our clients, including but not limited to: Workers' Compensation Schedule Credits, Drug Free Workplace Credits, Safety Committee and Managed Care Discounts.
Furthermore, reviewing plan design structures and performing cost-benefit analysis to select the optimal deductibles or retention levels along with potential alternative risk-financing programs are other ways to reduce our clients' total cost of risk (in some cases upwards of 45%).

 IMPACT:  Up to 30% Premium Reduction

Benefits of Claims Advocacy

Monitoring and negotiating with carriers to close claims, expedite payouts, lower reserves, and subrogate losses is absolutely paramount to achieve the most equitable renewal pricing for our clients. If for instance there are large open claims left unresolved, this will skew an insured's loss ratio which directly impacts an underwriters perception of the account. We help our clients, behind the scenes, in an effort to obtain the lowest possible renewal premiums year over year. In addition, we would strongly encourage all visitors to check out our risk management programs developed specifically to reduce losses and their impact on premium costs.

 IMPACT:  Up to 35% Premium Reduction

Cost Reduction Method: 

Let's face it, some claims are inevitable. Profitability and competitive advantage can and will dramatically diminish if claims activity occurs in any combination of frequency and severity. Stressful? Not when you team up with ACO. In general, fewer claims and smaller losses equates to lower premium rates. 

Cost Reduction Method:

Alternative Risk Finance refers to optional methods of risk transfer through insurance products other than a Guaranteed Cost policy.  Many companies unknowingly purchase a guaranteed cost program because they are unaware of alternative options that could save them money. We’re here to change that.

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