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Employee Benefits

Our strategic, proactive initiatives allow us to provide small and mid-market companies with best-in-class pricing, coverage and administrative resources typically reserved for the Fortune 500.

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Types of Products & Services We Offer


  • Group Health

  • Vision

  • Dental

  • Supplemental Life & Disability

  • Self-Funded Programs



  • Benefits Administration

  • Compliance Portal

  • Enrollment Support

  • Defined Service Plan

  • Bilingual Communications

  • 24/7 HR Hotline & Support

  • Claims Advocacy Services

  • COBRA Administration & Support

  • Compliance Support

Self-Funding Made Easy

What is VERIS?

  • Stop Loss Consortium with more than 100,000 covered employees

  • Built for 50-1000 EE employer segment

  • Independent pricing, using a proven risk model

  • Transparent, stable, flexible, long-term funding solution

What are the Benefits?

  • No new lasers at renewal

  • Rate caps at renewal

  • 100% surplus retention

  • Flexible benefit design

  • Full transparency of where your money is being spent

  • Ability to choose administrator and network

  • Best in class stop loss pricing

  • Predictable, sustainable renewals not impacted by shock claims

How is it Different?

  • Stop loss group is managed to a target loss ratio of 78%

  • Groups' rating based on individual loss experience below individual stop loss

  • Protections based on VOLUME - rate caps and no new lasers

  • Long-term management approach

  • Totally transparent - groups can see where their dollars are spent


ACO Insurance Group's Employee Benefits Solutions are powered by:


We help our clients to think outside of the box when it comes to managing their healthcare spend.  We have developed strategies to bring “large company” funding arrangements to the small and middle markets; promoting significant savings, transparency and flexibility.  At Spectrum, we put you back in the driver seat.

We understand the need to provide our clients with top notch, white glove service regardless of their size.  We focus on the client, not lofty sales goals and cutting corners to increase profit margins.

Whether you are planning your next Open Enrollment meeting or on-boarding a new hire, having the right technology in place to streamline the process is more paramount than ever.  That is why our team provides each client with the necessary technology available at no additional cost. Employees will have a heightened experience, all the while, relieving your administrative and compliance issues.

Remaining compliant means so many things nowadays.  From ACA, to ERISA required notices, to plan discrimination testing and SPD Wrap Document preparation; Spectrum Benefits Solutions provides its clients with the necessary tools to check off every box. We provide full compliance audits and provide clients with a calendar to ensure annual milestones are met.

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