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Claims Advocacy

When it comes to claims, we believe in creating an experience that is 100% based around our clients' needs. Our claim advocates focus on reducing the administrative burden on our insureds all while improving the best-case outcome, including but not limited to: reserve reductions, claim closeouts, experience modification rate adjustments, and negotiating ideal settlements. 

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Offer claim handling support & best practices

Analyze, negotiate and provide support throughout the claim life cycle 

Review claim reserves for adequacy and reduce whenever possible

Verify and dispute coverage settlements to ensure ideal outcomes

Review and analyze carrier claims handling performance



ACO’s Claims Advocacy partners provide additional claims support to our commercial clients. The unfortunate truth is that most carriers' claims adjusters have case loads of between 150-250 claims on their desk at any given time.  It is only natural that some items will “slip through the cracks” leaving unnecessary reserves on insureds' claims history. Our partnered services provide dedicated claims advocates to assist with monitoring, negotiating, and adjusting  our clients claims in an effort to reduce their impact on premium costs. Contact us for a full list of services provided through our strategic partnerships.


  • Monitor & Track Claims

  • Reduce Claims Reserves

  • Expedite Claims Process

  • Issue Cash Advances

  • Ensure Fair Payouts

  • Close Claims ASAP

  • Verify & Overturn Coverage Denials

  • Claims Analysis & Audits

  • Provide Periodic Updates

  • More...


Negotiated over $6,000,000 of reduced reserves.

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